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Voting is our main interaction online, be it a retweet, a like or a repost, it is being used only for editorial purpose. Today in politics, voting happens once every two to four years and basically equals to a blank check to politicians. Bringing politics to the 21st century means working in upgrading three aspect


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Tutorez is an online platform that allows students and parents to find a private tutor in any subject or level near them. It is based on a collaborative model in which anyone can apply to be a Tutor, thus increasing the Tutor market and therefore the possibilities of getting the right one for them. We


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The Project noWhat is an art project, a campaign, a tool and a research.   The idea is to develop a platform to share a simple textual message, clutter free, without logos, without ads, a message and nothing but this message, and in a prominent and visually appealing way. No registration will be required. The moment


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We've created a digital platform for smarter governance.   Designed for inclusion and convenience, Smart UNO has been created over the state of the art in user-interface and cloud computing, becoming a high-tech solution for co-creating governance. Focused on an intuitive, consumer-level interface it enables public institutions to digitize its interactions with their citizens, simplifying traditional


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Approximately 70% of all crafts in Mexico will be lost in 15 years. This is a very frightening statement. Arts (art crafts) define a culture as much as food and music. The arts portray a way of thinking, behaving, and working that have defined generations over time, and that must be preserved.     Artenativo uses technology


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The Public Policy Platform is an online platform that will serve as the world’s first database of public policies around the world. The platform will provide users with the ability to consult any category of public policy ever designed as well as to download a toolkit designed to walk a public servant or elected official


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Clubfoot is a debilitating condition that affects children worldwide with an incidence estimated at 1 in 750. Although easily treated, many children can’t access care, denying them a normal life. The burden is overwhelmingly borne by poor children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Cure International, the largest global provider of clubfoot care, only treats 22% of the


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The Bridgefy SDK lets the great majority of mobile and desktop apps, platforms, etc. to also work offline. Devices send messages directly from one to another, over mesh networks ("hops", such as device A talking to C through device "B"). Picture people being able to send messages using Facebook Messenger from one end of Manhattan


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Bazaar is an initiative that began in Berlin due to the omnipresent refugee crisis, as it is mostly referred to, and because the flaws in our integration system have become so apparent to us. Bazaar is a platform to facilitate the engagement and integration, mostly online, of newcomers and locals, who meet on the basis


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ASELA, is the Latin America Entrepreneur Association, project that gathers, supports and represents all the entrepreneurs in the region, with and special focus in the Pacific Alliance countries (Mexico, Colombia, Perú and Chile). The model is based on the chilean association, which has over 23.000 members and four years of work. ASELA supervises the consolidation