During these five weeks we will reflect on the nature of public entrepreneurship; We will see what it is and how we can start our journey as entrepreneurs in this topic. As well, how the future of government and society in Mexico and the world is outlined. In addition, we will explore some emerging technologies that can have a great economic, social and environmental impact.

The class will have a theoretical, practical and purposeful approach that will allow them to know first-hand local public officials, citizens, technology experts and different topics that help them create original projects that allow them to better understand the most pressing problems in Mexico and assume the commitment to propose projects that pay for their solution.

Why study government and public transformation?

Because it will give you the bases to undertake with projects that deal with the main economic, technological and social problems at national and international level. It will serve you regardless of the career you study to see the problems as opportunities to contribute and improving people’s lives.

Who are called to the transformation?

Any student, from any career that wants to improve people’s lives and contribute for the transformation of their environment through creativity and commitment to create public value.


The greatest learning that the course left me was that the public and private sectors are not fighting; It is possible that both can collaborate, especially if it is for the good of the citizenship. Mexico has great technological potential and it is in us to be able to exploit it, it is simply a matter of losing the fear of the technological changes that we are facing as a world in general.
Fernanda Fernández Carlo, Summer 2018, LRI Graduate
I learned that the tools to get something out there exist and that you only need the determination to find them and apply them focusing on the change you want to do and not wait for someone else to do it. The greatness behind what has been learned in the Government and Public Transformation class is the fact that these learnings serve a lot to create projects with an impact on society, but also for any change you want to make from a personal level to a professional level, business.
Sofia Villareal Summer 2017, Graduated LRI
The ability to analyze and develop projects, innovation, collaborative work between different areas, the vision to positively impact our environment, are some of the lessons you take to be part of the class .
René Martín Summer 2017, Graduated in Economics and Political Science (LEP)
For the final project of Government and Public Transformation we know Mercedes, a woman who is looking for her son disappeared by the state for more than 10 years. For the class, we organized a forum to discuss the problem of disappearance in Michoacán multi sectorially and had a lot of impact on me. Today, collaborate with the Family Group. In this case, in my civil association Fractal Effect, especially for the realization of political-cultural events where citizens make an exercise of memory, not to forget the disappeared, and to accompany relatives in the search
Paloma Marisol Carreño Acuña, Summer 2018, Student of Law Degree
The course on Government and Public Transformation was an experience that I lived as an internal change process that led me to rethink my role as a citizen, professional and future public servant. This course should be seen as an obligatory stop for all those who dream of social transformation. Innovative tools and knowledge are acquired that contribute significantly to our professional training.
Juan de Dios Castañeda, Summer 2018, Student of Political Science

Dr. Edgar Barroso Merino

Is a Doctor of Music from Harvard University, where he was named Harvard Horizon Scholar, for the innovation potential in his doctoral research. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Digital Arts from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona).
In 2015 he entered the National System of Art Creators and was creditor of the Ibermúsicas composition award. He is currently Associate Professor at the School of Government and Public Transformation of the Tecnológico de Monterrey, where he is the Director of the Entrepreneurship and Transformation Laboratory.
As an entrepreneur he is founder of “Antena Labs” and “Casa Antena” and is a member of the group of experts in exponential technological change and automation of the United Nations. His areas of expertise are: entrepreneurship, innovation, arts, education, creativity, transdisciplinary collaboration and architecture of horizons.