Project Description

Approximately 70% of all crafts in Mexico will be lost in 15 years. This is a very frightening statement. Arts (art crafts) define a culture as much as food and music. The arts portray a way of thinking, behaving, and working that have defined generations over time, and that must be preserved.     Artenativo uses technology and globalization in favor of the preservation and revalorization of the arts. The key is to balance the benefits of integrating into a globalized world but at the same time, protect the uniqueness of local culture. Artenativo would promote the use of local resources, knowledge, skills and materials to foster craftsmanship and sustainable progress.     We envision Artenativo as a free trade digital platform where artisans can show case both their products as well as the techniques and steps behind the production process, aiming to elevate and dignify the crafts passed on through generations. Artenativo provides a insightful description of the artisans and their crafts, the way it unites the community and documents the production process for the future. Being a digital platform, Artenativo opens up a new distribution channel for artisans, increasing sales, stabilizing production, and proving a global market in which operate.     As consumers and art crafts amateurs, we identified a lack of awareness of crafts and trade, as well as a limited availability of products despite wide variety of offerings in remote areas. Consumers visiting the Artenativo site can not only purchase crafts and understand the process behind it, but learn about the culture and learn from its history and origen.