Project Description

We’ve created a digital platform for smarter governance.   Designed for inclusion and convenience, Smart UNO has been created over the state of the art in user-interface and cloud computing, becoming a high-tech solution for co-creating governance. Focused on an intuitive, consumer-level interface it enables public institutions to digitize its interactions with their citizens, simplifying traditional processes into a faster, organized and more transparent decision-making, accountability and services delivery.

In a fast-track implementation, governments can have an online, branded platform covering 6 main axes of benefits: efficiency, dialogue, collaboration, control and sensitivity, time and costs savings and a new-born digital knowledge-base.   TACKLING 3 SCENARIOS WITH OVER 95 GREAT FEATURES REPORTS.

– Gathering citizen feedback and optimizing services delivery.

Example: (1) Citizen identifies a problem (2) Easily notifies appropriate government agency (3) Government resolves. Additionally, a citizen file is automatically generated to see all the reports from any given individual leveraging the demographic analysis. Also a reports digital footprint is open to everyone to see what government has been doing lately to improve the city.

PETITIONS.- Recognizing priorities and pressing problems to benefit the masses.

Example: (1) Citizen chooses a topic and creates a petition (2) Citizen collects digital signatures (‘likes’) (3) Government gets notified about above-the-trigger petitions. Additionally, this mechanism promotes the emergence of expert networks and a way to input local talent to public institutions.

TRANSPARENCY.- Regaining trust through openness and sensitivity. Example: (1) Government has a public plan as a list of commitments or initiatives (2) Government publishes advances and initiative leaders (3) Citizens are able to see the status of initiatives anytime, anywhere. Additionally, governments have transparency requirements/obligations that can be met with this scenario.


Jesús del Bosque from Mexico

Jesús Cepeda from Mexico