Project Description

Bazaar is an initiative that began in Berlin due to the omnipresent refugee crisis, as it is mostly referred to, and because the flaws in our integration system have become so apparent to us. Bazaar is a platform to facilitate the engagement and integration, mostly online, of newcomers and locals, who meet on the basis of shared interests and skills, shown in a concise and user-friendly profile. Using regular iterations we design the searching, filtering and matching mechanisms both on front-end and back-end to create the best possible and barrier-free interaction our users deserve. Bazaar uses Time-Banking. One hour of skillshare is worth one coin of the social virtual currency. That way exchange is not just possible on a 1-on-1 basis but throughout the whole user base. Social interaction becomes measurable, flexible, and gamified. Users can give guitar lessons to one person and learn German from the next one. Bazaar empowers people as everyone contributes and builds social capital along the way for a better society of tomorrow.


Nina Martin from Germany

Rory McQueen from Germany

Thorben Stieler from Germany