Project Description

The Project noWhat is an art project, a campaign, a tool and a research.   The idea is to develop a platform to share a simple textual message, clutter free, without logos, without ads, a message and nothing but this message, and in a prominent and visually appealing way. No registration will be required. The moment the usage of the platform / tool “noWhat” will reach a critical (large) number across, it will be useful for any organisation simply because it can carry any message or slogan, and certain companies always tend to jump on a trendy “bandwagon.” Governments could use it for announcements, QR-codes could be very cheaply implemented to create locations where Information needs to be updated. This option does not depend on any electricity or wiring, and can be used in remote and hard-to-access locations.


Jan Nahuel Jenny from Austria

Tobias Hammerle from Austria