What is it?

The LET`s Agora is a platform where communities of the public, private and social spheres are created to generate dialogue, knowledge and actionable products that solve public issues. Agora is the place where transformers of the public get organized.

What for?

LET offers these spaces in order to unify proposals of the civil society, and the challenges faced by the government and other economic actors. We are convinced that collective experience and transdisciplinary knowledge allow us to understand the problems we encounter, from the root and from the various contexts in which they exist.

How does it work?

LET’s Agora is based on:

How can you participate in LET’s Agora?

I want to start a community

  1. It doesn’t matters if you work in the public, private or civil society sphere. The important thing is that you have greatly experienced a social problem and a clear and measurable goal.
  2. Contact us to detail the process. We will ask you to be available for interviews, where you’ll be able to share with us your community proposal and the structure of the sessions that will follow.

I want to collaborate and become part of a community

  1. Check the schedule of our planned Agora sessions, and select the community that you are interested in.
  2. Meet this one and only requirement: Commitment. We need your time, will, talent and resources (of any kind). Even an hour a week is enough to make a change.
  3. Contact us to extend your application.

Public Entrepreneurship Sessions

Agora is a space that aims to unify the civil society’s proposals, and the challenges that the government and other economic actors face.


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