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The Project noWhat is an art project, a campaign, a tool and a research.   The idea is to develop a platform to share a simple textual message, clutter free, without logos, without ads, a message and nothing but this message, and in a prominent and visually appealing way. No registration will be required. The moment


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The Bridgefy SDK lets the great majority of mobile and desktop apps, platforms, etc. to also work offline. Devices send messages directly from one to another, over mesh networks ("hops", such as device A talking to C through device "B"). Picture people being able to send messages using Facebook Messenger from one end of Manhattan


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Linguoo is a Smart and Inclusive App created to listen online articles through a Global Community. It is a Multilanguage platform where readers from all over the world, narrate and record articles and upload them to our platform, making them available for everyone through web or mobile devices. Our global community is built by narrators