Project Description

The Public Policy Platform is an online platform that will serve as the world’s first database of public policies around the world. The platform will provide users with the ability to consult any category of public policy ever designed as well as to download a toolkit designed to walk a public servant or elected official through the process of how to recreate it for the benefit of the community they serve. The Toolkit can help them develop a public program or policy from start to finish with decade’s worth of knowledge, advice, and best practices in designing and implementing successful policies. The Public Policy Platform will have a powerful search engine that will allow users to filter their searches by category, various sub categories, population, budget, geographic location, as well as other criteria such as if the policy or program has been evaluated and by whom.

In addition to providing policy designers with useful information they can replicate to benefit their constituencies, this initiative will allow for the first time in history for a worldwide scrutiny of public policies and programs and of its evaluators alike. As such, the Public Policy Platform has the potential to host the public policy (designers, analysts, evaluators, implementers, beneficiaries) community online and provide many applications for data sharing, among other things that can significantly improve the quality of public policies and programs around the world.


Andrea Foncerrada from Mexico

Sofía Ramírez from Mexico