Project Description

Voting is our main interaction online, be it a retweet, a like or a repost, it is being used only for editorial purpose. Today in politics, voting happens once every two to four years and basically equals to a blank check to politicians. Bringing politics to the 21st century means working in upgrading three aspect of Democracy : Identity, Legitimacy and Representation. In Democracy Earth we develop a extensive research both on the software aspect and the institutional perspective allow users to have a completely unique voting experience, combining multiple choice ballots, delegation of votes and blockchain immutability. The added value resides in bridging both the technical requirements of a government or public authority organizing elections and the design simplicity necessary for the adoption by a diverse and non-expert population. Combining this aspect with an ever-changing international legal framework, this new governance model allows for the creation of new kinds of institutions, unprecedented in the global community. By changing the scale, it could constitute over the long term an infrastructure for global mobilizations and the backbone of transnational civil society political movements.


Louis Margot from France

Cyprien Grau from France

Virgile Devile from France