Project Description

Cyprien Grau

Democracy Earth

Cyprien Grau, co-founder of DemocracyOS France and democracy advocate everywhere he goes. Born in France, he moved at 18 to Canada to study Finance and Applied Math at HEC Montreal. He then worked for 2 years as a trader for a Canadian bank. In 2014, he did a Master in quantitative economics with a thesis on the freemium economic model at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. He went back to Canada for a few months to launch the local branch of DemocracyOS and to learn how to code. This is when his interest for the blockchain technology really picked up and he started to look for applications of that technology in the decision making process within organizations. He is now based in Mexico DF where he is launching a startup specialized in analytics for digital marketing.

Other than that, he’s an avid ultra trail runner!