Project Description

Cristina Birrel


Cristina Birrell is  a 29 years old journalist from Chile. She has worked for seven years in strategic communications, mostly in the energy and mining sector, by developing social programs for communities from rural sectors. After travelling for one year around Australia and Asia, she came back to Chile looking for a job that went beyond what she had achieved in the past. She wanted, not only to work for a living, but to make a social contribution in her country. She’s part of the entrepreneur ecosystem now, trying to build a healthier and more productive environment in Chile and Latin America, and specially trying to place women as a key driver to create sustainable value in our continent. Today, she’s the Director of Communications at Mujeres del Pacífico, part of the ASELA project, and came up to LET willing to consolidate this model, which seeks to reach all the entrepreneurs in Latin America, to gather all the needs and experiences, and build a global association to connect and develop the best ecosystem to build a startup in the world.