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Andrea Foncerrada / México

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Andrea Foncerrada México The Public Policy Platform Andrea is a public policy entrepreneur, she partners with public, private, and non-for-profit organizations in identifying and fostering technology and data-driven policy projects that strengthen public institutions and their interaction with citizens, and that have a high degree of social impact. Prior to co-founding The Public Policy Platform,

Sofía Ramírez / México

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Sofía Ramírez México The Public Policy Platform Sofia Ramirez, former civil servant and social-entrepreneur-to-be, is interested in public safety, national security, political cycles, electoral issues and applied microeconomics. She has been an independent consultant for the last couple of years, during which she has also been working as research assistant at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo

Jesús del Bosque / México

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Jesús del Bosque México OneSmart.City Jesús is a Mechatronic Engineer with a master's degree in Intelligent Systems currently enjoying the thrill as an entrepreneur. After working in the automotive industry, he left searching for a better life of coding for social good at, developing technology for citizen participation in modern Mexican city life. After

Jesús Cepeda / México

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Jesús Cepeda México OneSmart.City Social entrepreneur and full-stack developer with formation as Mechatronics Engineer and PhD in Intelligent Systems. Passionate for empowering people with technology. His life's about delivering technological tools to provide voice and awareness through creative deployments. He loves to contribute towards a more connected, participant and engaged humanity. In a 'blue economy'

Louis Margot / Francia

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Louis Margot Francia Democracy Earth Louis is an entrepreneur focusing on cruss-cutting issues in the area of blockchain technology and global governance. His legal background, acquired in one of the world's top universities in political science, helped him grasp the potential of smart contracts for public administrations and horizontal organizations. He is now in charge

Cyprien Grau / Francia

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Cyprien Grau Francia Democracy Earth Cyprien Grau, co-founder of DemocracyOS France and democracy advocate everywhere he goes. Born in France, he moved at 18 to Canada to study Finance and Applied Math at HEC Montreal. He then worked for 2 years as a trader for a Canadian bank. In 2014, he did a Master in

Virgile Devile / Francia

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Virgile Devile Francia Democracy Earth Virgile Deville, french and twenty-five years old. He's the co-founder of DemocracyOS France and Open Source Politics. Lately he's been diving into what blockchain technologies can bring to democratic processes by getting involved and helping founding Democracy Earth. He has lived four years in Montreal where he graduated of HEC

Santiago Siri / Argentina

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Santiago Siri Argentina DemocracyOS Founder and president of DemocracyOS, a Y Combinator backed non-profit doing the largest global effort to deliver an open source solution to online voting. Founding peer of Partido de la Red (The Net Party), a political party that aims to improve representation with candidates committed to citizens requests online. An advocate