Project Description

Rory McQueen


Rory received his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Stanford University, where he studied Computer Science and Philosophy. His focus within the computer science program was artificial intelligence, and, while at Stanford, he worked in partnership with a local startup to develop a machine-learning based recommendation engine for their news reading service. Rory now works as a software engineer for Endless Mobile, a company that is creating a new, Linux-based operating system for people in the developing world. At Endless, he has helped develop their burgeoning SDK and built a number of applications for their desktop.

Prior to Endless, Rory had internships at PowerReviews, Apple, and J.P. Morgan.

Rory is excited about using software to tackle social problems. He has experience in web and app development, and is also keen to find opportunities to apply machine learning. Besides technology, Rory is interested in politics, philosophy (principally that of German idealism), and logic puzzles. He is also always up for a game of football or a good, long hike!