Project Description

Christian Schalper


Cristián Schalper is 27 years old and he’s graduated as an Industrial Engineer with an IT major. During his years of University, he participated in many different projects, running as president of the engineering student council, leading a social NGO called “Proyecta” which builds community places for the needed, and also creating  ISAGE Chile (International Student Alliance for Global Entrepreneurship), which is a global student network. The last year of University, he started a company with three other friends called GiveO2, a mobile app to measure and offset the transport-based carbon footprint. He’s been awarded internationally, being part of the Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam for example. Eventhough he couldn’t keep with all these projects, he got tons of experiences, which later led him to be part of ASECH. In his free time, he likes to play guitar or practice soccer, do outdoor sports and also listen to good music.