Project Description

Nazanin Karimi

“I believe in humans, in empowerment and in art; my saviors.”

Nazanin has worked as the manager and consultant in some Iranian businesses and institutes after having earned her BS in Industrial Engineering and her MBA from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. However, her main interest was to change the life of children who live under poverty.  Nazanin had worked in NGOs to empower impoverished women and children through entrepreneurship in Iran and Africa.

She started her MPA in International Development at Harvard Kennedy School while received the scholarship from the World Bank. Nazanin wrote case studies in Kenya to get funding for youth entrepreneurship project in TechnoServe NGO which fights against poverty via business solutions. Her thesis focused on entrepreneurship policies for African non-profits and governments to reduce poverty.

Nazanin have taught and coached students at Harvard Kennedy School in leadership courses. Being founder in a few non-profits, in her startup “Kodakane” she teaches and mentors public entrepreneurs and empower activists to start and enhance their public work.

Besides, she enjoys free experimental painting by fingers and other materials using no traditional painting tools as brushes. She has held workshops on free painting for children and adults in deprived communities to enhance creativity and art.