Kulwant Singh / India

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Kulwant Singh India Accessfood Kulwant is an engineering graduated from St. Margaret Engineering College in 2014. After completing education he took an internship in a social enterprise in Rostovondon, Russia. His passion for food led him to found Accessfood. He hates to see food being wasted, particularly when so many people are unable to enjoy

Nazanin Karimi / Iran

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Nazanin Karimi Iran Kodakane “I believe in humans, in empowerment and in art; my saviors.” Nazanin has worked as the manager and consultant in some Iranian businesses and institutes after having earned her BS in Industrial Engineering and her MBA from Sharif University of Technology in Iran. However, her main interest was to change the

Sanju Soman / India

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Sanju Soman India SARSAS Sanju us a post Graduate student of Climate Change and Sustainability Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Founder and current working Secretary of ‘SAVE A RUPEE SPREAD A SMILE’ (SARSAS), which works in the areas of education, health and hygiene, nutrition and environment. Hobbies include travelling, photography, martial arts,

Rosanna Lopez / Filipinas

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Rosanna Lopez Filipinas Sparkle Lab Rossana tiene un BS Servicio Extranjero por la Universidad de Georgetown, un MFA en Artes Digitales por la Universidad Pompeu Fabra y un MA en el Desarrollo Educativo Internacional, Teachers College, Columbia University. Ella es una diseñadora, investigadora, técnica y educadora, cuyos intereses se encuentran en la intersección de los