Project Description

Sanju Soman

Sanju us a post Graduate student of Climate Change and Sustainability Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Founder and current working Secretary of ‘SAVE A RUPEE SPREAD A SMILE’ (SARSAS), which works in the areas of education, health and hygiene, nutrition and environment. Hobbies include travelling, photography, martial arts, cooking, reading, converting waste into art and looking out for new ideas. Proven track record of success, including have been involved with several organizations around India working on rain water harvesting projects, health care projects and Passive Solar housing. He acts as a dealer of eco-friendly and organic products and also do upcycling and recycling to promote eco-friendly life style. His goal is to enjoy a stress free life and give his best back to the society that helped him grow and evolve into the person he is today. He aims to bring sustainable changes across the world by helping people, communities and nations understand and adapt eco-friendly and sustainable practice. He wishes to educate children about sustainable living and instill eco-friendly habit in them.