Flavio Siller Rodríguez / México

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Flavio Siller Rodríguez Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua-México Eatlimmo With over 5 years of experience in research, Flavio is interested in designing processes that use sustainable raw materials (e.g. agricultural waste, industrial waste) to produce high added value products. His approach started with his BA thesis, Techno-economic Analysis of the Production of Ethanol from Sugarcane Bagasse in Mexico,

Enrique González / México

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Enrique González Saltillo, Coahuila-México Eatlimmo Co-fundador de Naturalight, empresa dedicada a la elaboración de conservas sin azúcar bajo la marca Naturalight y manufactura de empaques en mini porciones B2B. Enrique estuvo desde el desarrollo de las formulaciones que más tarde terminarían en los anaqueles de HEB y Walmart en el estado de NL. Participó en

Kulwant Singh / India

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Kulwant Singh India Accessfood Kulwant is an engineering graduated from St. Margaret Engineering College in 2014. After completing education he took an internship in a social enterprise in Rostovondon, Russia. His passion for food led him to found Accessfood. He hates to see food being wasted, particularly when so many people are unable to enjoy