Economic Inclusion

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Nina Martin / Alemania

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Nina Martin Alemania Bazaar Nina is full of curiosity and empathy, making her the second design thinker on the team. Currently she is enrolled in an adult education programme to become a “refugee consultant” and has been selected as a startup fellow at the enpact programme to further develop Bazaar. With an academic and professional

Rory McQueen / Alemania

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Rory McQueen Alemania Bazaar Rory received his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Stanford University, where he studied Computer Science and Philosophy. His focus within the computer science program was artificial intelligence, and, while at Stanford, he worked in partnership with a local startup to develop a machine-learning based recommendation engine for their news reading service.

Thorben Stieler / Alemania

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Thorben Stieler Alemania Bazaar Thorben loves gaining deep user insights and arranging them in conceptual frameworks. He is currently working with BCG Digital Ventures in Strategic Design. After studying Cultural Anthropology in Rio de Janeiro, he graduated in Communication in Social and Economic Contexts at Berlin University of the Arts with a major in Business.

Sofía Cruz del Río / México

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Sofía Cruz del Río Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexikatekatl Sofía es una mujer apasionada y comprometida con México y su cultura. Actualmente con TEKITI brinda oportunidades reales de negocio a artesanos mexicanos al conectarlos con mercados de alto valor. Con Mexikatekatl, la fundación hermana de Tekiti, los apoya con asesoría y capacitación en temas administrativos para que