Jan Nahuel Jenny / Austria

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Jan Nahuel Jenny Austria Jan-Nahuel Jenny was born in Salzburg (Austria) where he lived for the past 32 years before recently moving to Linz (Austria). Jenny worked for 5 years as a Web-developer and graphic designer, prior to starting his masters studies in media design, at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, with a

Tobias Hammerle / Austria

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Tobias Hammerle Austria Tobias Hammerle is a media artist and filmmaker from Austria. He studied communication sciences and philosophy at the Paris-London University of Salzburg and is member of the art collective Gold Extra for more than 10 years now. He enjoys working at the intersection of art, journalism, research, technology and the human

María Mena / México

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María Mena México ARTENATIVO Mexican/Belgian trained architect, polymath and social entrepreneur by nature. She has a MSc. in Sustainable Environmental Design from the Architectural Association School of Architecture of London. As a businesswoman she opened in 2009 SHINE Architecture, a sustainable architecture workshop. That same year, with 6 other partners from 5 continents she founded

Priscila Lozano / México

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Priscila Lozano México ARTENATIVO As an architect, she has designed residential and commercial buildings, such as restaurants.  After a course in biomimicry, she went to the UK for a masters in Holistic science. Her dissertation had to do with weaving and spinning, and how the mind works while using your hands. The relationship between the

Graciana Boethner / Paraguay

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Graciana Boethner Paraguay ARTENATIVO Born and raised in Paraguay, Graciana has a solid professional experience of over 15 years in both consulting and industries. Graciana worked full time at PricewaterhouseCoopers while studying Economics at the Universidad Catolica de Asuncion.  She won a scholarship granted by the Fundacion Carolina to study a Masters in Finance in

Sofía Cruz del Río / México

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Sofía Cruz del Río Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexikatekatl Sofía es una mujer apasionada y comprometida con México y su cultura. Actualmente con TEKITI brinda oportunidades reales de negocio a artesanos mexicanos al conectarlos con mercados de alto valor. Con Mexikatekatl, la fundación hermana de Tekiti, los apoya con asesoría y capacitación en temas administrativos para que