Project Description

Nada  Rafik

Graduating in 2010 with a degree in finance, it took her six months working as a financial analyst to realize that she wanted to do something more socially impactful.

Her passion for social change was sparked when she started volunteering in 2009, organizing character building camps for girls from an impoverished area in Egypt. A new level of excitement came with the 2011 revolution, which brought with it a utopian like Egypt for a short but memorable time. Even though this utopia was eventually brought to an end, many are still working to bring about social change believing in a bottom up approach.

Later, she volunteered with UN Women, working on a project tackling sexual harassment, specializing on market research, which brought her to the job she is most passionate about: Nada currently works in a startup company – Madad – which aims to be the first crowd funding platform for NGOs in Egypt connecting donors to sustainable development projects.

The startup scene is booming in Egypt and she believes it is one of the most powerful ways of bringing about change – “I can’t wait to start my MECATE experience and find out how the rest of the participants are approaching social impact!”