Project Description

Jotte De Koning
GetGreen Vietnam

For the past 10 years, she has been moving from one country to another, from one design challenge to another. She moved to Italy when she was 18 and back to the Netherlands a year later for her Bachelor’s degree Industrial Design Engineering. Studying design brought her back to Italy, Milan for half a year this time. Her Master’s degree Strategic Product design was kicked off in The Netherlands but she spent the summer on an urban design project in Russia. Soon, she left for an internship at a consultancy in Barcelona. She decided to cycle back to The Netherlands but somewhere halfway France she changed route for another internship in Germany, at the Volkswagen Service Innovation Team. Afterward, it was really time to graduate (and finally leave Europe). So, she graduated on a product innovation center for terra cotta in central Vietnam. Somehow, only one month after she graduated, she was back in Vietnam to conduct the first research for her PhD. Now, for almost 3 years, she has been working on design and sustainable consumption in urban Vietnam.