Project Description

Cristobal Torres


Cristóbal is a Chilean Industrial Engineering with a minor on Contemporary History. For several years he was involved as a voluntary in various NGOs,  working on strengthening community bonds in rural and impoverished places. He also had the opportunity to live in Kolkata, India, where he could immerse with social issues of one of the most socially contrasted countries. All of these experiences inspired him to create a social impact project by his own.

During college, he worked with friends in a Startup that worked as a platform that allowed schools to perform standardized tests adapted to their programs. After that, he worked in management control on the healthcare field, and today, Cristóbal coordinates the finance and operations departments of ASELA, the Latin America Entrepreneurs Association.

In his spare time, Cristóbal loves painting, reading, and playing the guitar, he also practices sports, like biking, trekking and swimming.