Project Description

Carlos Molina
Fraunhofer IGB, Stuttgart

Carlos is a Chemical Engineer from Mexico, residing in Germany. He finished his MBA in technology management and entrepreneurship on 2014, and currently is doing his MSc. in Biotechnolgy thesis at the Fraunhofer IGB in Stuttgart. Professionally, he had the opportunity to work on several research projects, most of them related to biotechnology. He is part of a pharmaceutical startup in Mexico, and since last year, an online professor of biotechnological entrepreneurship at the Autonomous University of Yucatan.

His main professional interest resides in the study and management on how the innovations from the health and life sciences fields can be implemented through entrepreneurial ventures, and ultimately improve the living conditions of the general population.  Accordingly, he is convinced that the cultural heritage and biodiversity of Mexico hold an enormous potential for low-tech and high-tech biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedical innovations. Innovations that with the right business model, might disrupt the Mexican public health services while improving the living conditions of some of the most vulnerable sectors of the Mexican society.

He is proud to be a “Mecatero” and be able to help the development of ideas to improve Mexico.